Dog on BART Tracks Gets New Owner

The dog that held up BART train tracks for an hour is still named Bart, for now.

Of all the BART delays, a dog running around on train tracks might be one of the more memorable ones.

In a final chapter of that saga, an Oakland resident took in the dog — which has, indeed, been christened “Bart” — last week. The new owner, Todd, told BART on Thursday that he was merely looking for a pit bull to help give the breed better adoption rates and wasn’t aware of the male dog’s Bay Area celebrity status.

Bart was found running around on the tracks near the Coliseum station, prompting BART to tweet updates like “no, we are not going to run over the dog” as trains piled up. Some trains were delayed for more than 30 minutes some 10-minute delays lingered about an hour later, spokesperson Alicia Trost said in September.

Oakland Animal Services took him in, not finding any tags or a chip but discovered he was neutered.

Of all the dogs he saw in the kennels barking, Bart was the one sitting there calmly, Todd told BART. In fact, he hasn’t barked yet and even got his family’s feisty calico cat to let him snuggle.

The dog is still called Bart, but may be renamed Bodie.

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