Domestic Violence Billboard Featuring Mirkarimi Quote to Go Up Next Week

When Ross Mirkarimi was elected sheriff, he had ambitious plans to influence the criminal justice system, although this billboard to the right probably isn't what he had in mind.

However, after being charged with battery, endangering a child, and dissuading a witness, La Casa de las Madres, a San Francisco-based domestic violence victim

shelter, is attempting to make an example out of the sheriff. The organization is trying to raise enough money to plaster a billboard in front of the Hall of Justice that references Mirkarimi's disturbing quote about his own domestic violence charges.

Here's what the billboard will say: “Domestic Violence is NEVER a private matter. If you need help, call (877) 503-1850.”

As readers might recall, Mirkarimi shocked everyone when he publicly stated that allegations he physically abused his wife, Eliana Lopez, were nothing more than a “private matter, a family matter.”

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