Domestic Violence Groups Ask Mayor Ed Lee to Boot Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi from His Post

Prosecutors might have let Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi off the hook with charges of abusing his wife, but women's groups across San Francisco aren't quite so ready to forgive. Today, a coalition of anti-domestic violence groups will march to City Hall, demanding that Mayor Ed Lee boot Mirkarimi from his post as the county's top cop.

As the sheriff stated earlier this week, he has no plans to step down after pleading guilty to false imprisonment in connection to domestic violence charges involving his wife, Eliana Lopez. Mirkarimi was arrested and charged with three misdemeanor counts, including battery and child endangerment, a few days after he had been sworn in as the new county sheriff.

Earlier this week, prosecutors agreed to drop all three charges in exchange for a guilty plea for false imprisonment. Mirkarimi will be forced to attend domestic violence counseling while on probation for three years.

But that's not satisfying San Franciscans who can't get their heads around the twisted irony that our county sheriff, who was booked into his own jail, will now be booking criminals himself.

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