Domestic Violence Groups Feature Ross Mirkarimi Quote in Spanish Billboards

It doesn't matter how many times Ross Mirkarimi apologizes for his “arrogance and anger issues,” women in San Francisco aren't ready to forgive — or forget. And it will be hard for the now-suspended sheriff to forget his troubles as long as there are these billboards up to remind him of what he's done.

Domestic Violence groups have installed five more anti-domestic violence billboards, all of which will reference Mirkarimi's tragic quote “this is a private matter, a family matter,” which he said when defending himself against his own charges of domestic violence.

The billboards — which are in Spanish — were installed throughout the Mission District yesterday, and read: “La Violencia Doméstica NUNCA es un asunto privado/ Si necesita ayuda, llame al (877) 503-1850.”

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