Driver In Bus-Wheelchair-Fire Hydrant Mess Was New to the Job

SF Weekly has learned that the operator of a 22-Fillmore bus involved in what can only be described as a Southwest Airlines “Wanna get away?” commercial come to life was a relatively new hire with only a year or so of bus-driving experience.

But without further delay — the unfortunate series of events. Last night, while many San Franciscans were watching Peyton Manning's career troubles on national TV, the young driver had a performance to forget of his own. First, a rider in a motorized scooter fell off the bus' wheelchair lift while dismounting and was hospitalized. A Muni inspector showed up to investigate that accident. Then, for reasons yet undetermined, the bus lurched forward several feet and the extended wheelchair lift knocked out a fire hydrant. That hydrant struck and injured the inspector and sent a 40-foot plume of water toward the heavens. The unwanted Jed's-a-millionaire moment doused locals and flooded nearby buildings.

As to what repercussions could be facing the driver, multiple calls to the Transit Workers Union have not yet been returned, and Muni spokesman Judson True refused to speculate.

Wanna get away, indeed.

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