Drug NAFTA: More Mexican Cartels in the United States, but Americans Are Doing the Smuggling

It can be hard to figure out exactly what to make of the evil, ugly specter known as Mexican drug cartels. A pair of investigative reports, conducted by the Associated Press and the Center for Investigative Reporting, have given us some conclusions to chew on — and together, they paint an odd picture.

Citing law enforcement and court cases, the AP reported this week an unprecedented increase in activity north of the border by high-level cartel members — a Sinaloa cartel boss, for example, is now the city of Chicago's public enemy no. 1. But meanwhile, the drug mules getting caught taking dope across the border? Four out of five are Americans, the CIR reported, roped into the drug game by debt, extortion or plain thirst for profits.
In other words, it's NAFTA in reverse — we're taking their jobs, but meanwhile, they're taking up the corner office. 

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