'Drunk as a Skunk' Driver Plays Bumper Cars

There is driving drunk and then there is driving really drunk. A Haight woman's night of good fun turned into a night in jail after she got wasted and tried to drive home, hitting six cars in less than a block.

The intoxicated woman was driving a convertible along Corbett Avenue near Market Street in the Upper Market neighborhood at about 9:10 p.m. on Sunday when she hit a 1997 Crysler, moderately damaging it. She drove off, but a witness ran after her and called police. As she continued down the street, she hit three more parked cars, police said.

By this time, other people in the neighborhood were chasing after the erratic driver, trying to get her to stop. The driver then circled the block and hit two more parked cars on Douglass Street. She stopped the car at this point, but only because she was wedged in between the two parked cars.

“She was drunker than a skunk,” said Police Captain Denis O'Leary.

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