Dude, the City of Berkeley Is My Pot Dealer!

Berkeley police and the DEA certainly aren't happy, but Tuesday night the Berkeley City Council unanimously passed a resolution declaring the city a sanctuary for medical marijuana users and distributors. The resolution's language issues a direct challenge to the DEA saying that in the event of raids on dispensaries “the city itself shall ensure a continuum of access to medical marijuana.” Take that, federal authorities!

The East Bay Daily News' coverage includes perhaps the best '”duh” line of the month: “The DEA doesn't like the idea of Berkeley selling marijuana.” Gee, ya think? Although the measure originally proposed that the city itself would start selling the chronic if the DEA stirred up trouble, objections by the Berkeley police helped to tone it down. According to the Mercury News: “The city would at least help a new distributor get started or help one restart after a DEA raid.”

Image courtesy/CBSnews.com

— Brian Bernbaum

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