Ed Jew's Achy Breaky Brain Defense Backfires: Disgraced Ex-Supe Nailed With 64-Month Sentence

It appears we really won't have Ed Jew to kick around anymore — which is good, because we could further injure his brain, and then God knows what mischief he'd get himself into.

Days after Jew's lawyer seriously claimed that a childhood head injury led to the former D-4 supervisor extorting $80,000 from Chinese-speaking Tapioca drink shop owners, Judge Susan Illston handed down a 5-year, 4-month sentence — harsher than the 57 months prosecutors had even deigned to request and far worse than the 366 days Jew was pleading for.

Perhaps he should have blamed the Twinkies?

Actually, speaking of Dan White, it warrants mentioning that the sentence the former supe received for killing Mayor George Moscone and Harvey Milk was seven years — only 20 months longer than Jew's term for mail fraud, bribery, and extortion.

Hopefully this story ends better for Jew.

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