Ed Lee Calls Candlestick Blackout “National Embarrassment.” Ain't That a Bit Harsh?

When Mayor Ed Lee told gathered throngs of media that the multiple power failures during Monday Night Football were a “national embarrassment,” he used strong — and curious — language.

San Francisco's infrastructure failures didn't lead to rampant death and destruction; regional chaos; or cars and steel in the river. That would be tragic — this is merely embarrassing. But locals don't need anyone to remind them that it's no fun to have one's shortcomings broadcast on national television. So why does the mayor feel the need to toss fuel on the fire? (Which would have been a decent way of illuminating the ballgame). Why play up his own city's shortcomings, or undiplomatically dump on PG&E or the San Francisco 49ers?

Three possibilities come to mind:

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