Eddy Zheng's Deportation Case Will Not Die

In 2005, the East Bay Express published a story called “The Last Stand of Eddy Zheng.”  Well, it's been six years and Zheng is still standing — in more or less the same spot. But now the man who was paroled only to face deportation is seeing his saga enter its final round. 

Zheng, a 41-year-old Chinese national, first appeared on the feds' radar after he was convicted for a bizarre 1986 robbery in which he and some friends tied up a family and raided their house and  convenience store. He was finally paroled, and has since been fighting his deportation. On Friday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for Northern California sent Zheng's case back to an immigration judge for reconsideration, media outlets are reporting.

The justices ruled 3-0 that the immigration judge didn't take into account Zheng's contributions to the community which he started while in prison and has continued as a social worker since he was paroled in 2005.

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