Eggers NYT OpEd: Debate Over Torch Heats Up

Local writer and founder of 826 Valencia writing center and pirate store, Dave Eggers, had an op-ed in the New York Times on Sunday concerning the Olympic Torch's trip through SF. It's not about the crackdown on dissenting Tibetans, though. It's about the continuing genocide in Darfur, which is the subject of his last book, What Is What. Writes Eggers:

In 418,000 copies of the April 4 edition of The San Francisco Chronicle, subscribers will get a placard that on one side explains the connections between China and the genocide in Sudan, and on the other side says, “China: Extinguish the Flames of Genocide in Darfur.” How’s that for an early morning jolt?

In between the protesters supporting oppressed Tibetans and those who will take advantage of the Chron placard, it looks like we have a good old-fashioned San Francisco protest shaping up. Newsom still won't say why the torch isn't making a trip through Chinatown, but I think most SFers could gold medal in jumping to conclusions, so get to speculating.-Andy Wright

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