Entrepreneurial Park Neighbors Offer Driveways to Outside Lands Crowds

Would you pay $25 to $195 for a parking spot?

If there’s one piece of transportation advice doled out each year to the hordes of people streaming into Outside Lands it’s: don’t even dare attempt driving.

This is where Craigslist saves the day — and no, not to offer free rent in exchange for letting a stranger rub your feet every day. Instead of cursing Outside Lands for clogging up the roads, a handful of Golden Gate Park neighbors are offering up their driveways to festival goers bent on driving to an event attended by more than 200,000 people.

It’s advised to get the spots while they’re hot — there are just eight listings and parking will be extremely limited in and around the park. Hell, drivers who live in the Richmond or Sunset without a designated spot might consider paying their savvy neighbors just to avoid driving around all weekend. (Better yet, snag a parking spot Thursday night and leave it there until Monday.)

What’s notable is that about half of the posts charge a not-fun-but-sadly-expected amount from $25 to $60. The other half is charging a $100 to $175 for their ‘VIP’ parking — roughly an Outside Lands day pass worth of cash. 

Now is a good time to remember that Muni’s expanded services, taking a shuttle, or riding a bike are strongly recommended by Outside Lands

Those “in and out privileges” are mighty seductive, though. Now that an Oakland startup exists to run a “DMV Line Concierge Service,” it’s only time before another startup “revolutionizes” festival parking. 

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