EPA Spanks Lennar With Fines For Dust (But In Arizona, Not Hunters Point)

Oops, they did it again. Lennar, the company that drew activist hellfire for failing to control dust in Bayview during the early stages of its construction at the Hunters Point Shipyard, is now facing fines for similar dust violations in Arizona.

The company will have to pay the Environmental Protection Agency a $182,519 settlement for not removing particulate matter from vehicles and not immediately cleaning up dust tracked 50 feet beyond the residential construction sites in Maricopa County, the agency announced today.

More than $144,000 of the fee will go towards outfitting Phoenix's city-owned vehicles and equipment with particulate matter emission control devices. Dust can trigger asthma problems and irritate eyes, and even trigger premature death in people with heart and lung disease when breathed into the lungs, the agency says.

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