Eric Mar Wins, Volunteers Outdo Record Spending in District 1 Election

The odds were against Eric Mar. The Richmond District supervisor was seen as the most vulnerable of all San Francisco progressives up for election Tuesday — and that was before the city's moneyed interests tried to drown him with buckets of cash.

In addition to Mar's reputation as an erratic legislator (the Happy Meal ban; resolutions about the Grammy awards and Black Panthers?) challenger David Lee had a record amount of campaign spending on his side. Specifically, he had loads of soft money — a record-shattering $940,000 as of Monday — so much that it could eclipse the million-dollar plateau in the final tallies.

But Mar beat it back — and then some. In fact, Mar crushed Lee. Returns early Wednesday showed Mar leading by an insurmountable 54 percent to 38 percent.

So why didn't all that money pay off?

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