Estrogen in Women's Pee Putting Fish On the Pill

Fish are going on the pill whether they like it or not. A new study released this week and conducted in Southern California shows that women taking hormonal birth control excrete enough hormones in their pee to produce mutant fish. Male fish have been producing egg yolk proteins, and in some cases, eggs, while some female fish have stopped reproducing. The chemicals make their way into the water due to a level of sewage treatment that fails to remove estrogen. The same is true for a laundry list of crap that gets rocketed into the ocean: pharmaceuticals, beauty products, flame retardants, plastic additives, fabric stain repellents, nonstick pan coatings and coatings in microwave popcorn bags all make up the delicious cocktail that SoCal sea life are swimming around in. Other animals affected by the chemicals include turtles with suppressed immune systems and hornyhead turbots (they're a fish) with altered thyroids. The answer is not a return to pull and pray, it's increased levels of sewage treatment. –Andy Wright

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