EV Charging Stations Coming to Low Income Neighborhoods

1,125 electric vehicle charging stations have been earmarked for underserved communities.

In a win for the environment 1,125 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations were approved for installation in underserved communities Thursday by by the California Public Utilities Commission. Advocates of electronic vehicles supported the decision, calling it a major step toward making clean transportation options available to everyone in California, regardless of income or neighborhood.

“This represents a crucial addition to California’s groundbreaking efforts to make electric vehicles affordable and accessible to communities most impacted by poverty and pollution,” said Greenlining Institute Environmental Equity Legal Counsel Joel Espino. “Low and moderate income Californians want and need clean transportation, and we can only reach our clean air and climate goals if EVs become a practical alternative in all neighborhoods. Access to EV charging is essential to that effort, and to dispelling the myth that electric cars are just for the wealthy.”

That said, the least expensive model of a compact electric car on the market, the Chevy Volt, still comes in at $27,495—not cheap. But with electric vehicle availability increasing, prices are going down, so the investment in EV charging stations may still pay off in the coming years.

A total of 7,500 charging stations will be installed by PG&E in their service areas across California.

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