Even Christians Can't Stand Pastor Sean Harris and His Gay-Hating Rhetoric

As readers probably recall, nut job Pastor Sean Harris' gay-children hating comments at a recent sermon made national headlines and sent Americans into a convulsing rage — and we're not not just talking about liberals and gays.

It seems even the most faithful and godly can't deal with the North Carolina Baptist preacher. To prove that he sure as hell doesn't speak for all Christians, Faithful America, a faith-based Washington, D.C., nonprofit, has circulated a petition denouncing the pastor's comments encouraging parents to attack and hit their young, effeminate sons. The comments came a week before state voters are to decide whether to ban gay marriage tomorrow.

According to the petition:

“Faithful Christians are appalled by Pastor Sean Harris's hateful tirade urging violence against gay and lesbian youth. Violence and child abuse can never be justified by the teachings of Jesus Christ. All young people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, should be assured in church that they are beloved children of God.”

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