Even Siri Pisses Off the ACLU

As mouthy as the saucy Siri can be, it's no wonder Apple's latest gadget has gotten herself into trouble with the notoriously offended American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU of Northern California penned a very pointed press release today detailing all the ways in which Siri is more nefarious than any dirty question you've ever asked the iPhone 4s's personal assistant feature.

While Siri might be prudish when you ask her questions about sex, for instance, it seems she isn't exactly a Puritan when it comes to keeping your private conversations off the record.

According to the ACLU:

Apple's Siri “personal assistant” isn't just working for us, it's working full-time for Apple too by sending lots of our personal voice and user info to Apple to stockpile in its databases. This data can be really personal, like if you ask Siri, “where is the nearest abortion clinic?”

And once Voice Input Data and User Data is collected, Apple reserves

the right to share it with “Apple's partners who are providing related

services to Apple.”

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