Ex-Treasure Island Czar: Clinton's Newsom Endorsement a Favor for Billionaire Ron Burkle

At first glance, Bill Clinton's endorsement of no-hoper California governor candidate Gavin Newsom was a case of one slick-haired-womanizer reaching out to a kindred spirit.

But for former Treasure Island Czar Tony Hall, the endorsement had the appearance of old political favors coming due.
Newsom fired former Supervisor Hall in 2005 after the mayor's hand-picked Treasure Island manager raised the specter of a sweetheart deal between Newsom and a development team backed by Los Angeles billionaire Ron Burkle, who until earlier this year counted Bill Clinton as a top business partner and adviser.

“Obviously, Newsom is going to go to the people he's done business with. Bill Clinton is connected to Burkle, and Burkle is connected to Newsom. The whole thing is corrupt,” Hall said during an interview Tuesday.

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