Ex-Utility Head Says She is Rubber, Newsom Glue

When General Manager of the Public Utilities Commission, Susan Leal, was ousted Wed., she was offered $400,000 and no explanation as to why she got the boot. But Leal told the Chronicle on Saturday that she has a pretty good idea who was wearing the boot.

“When people say you're not part of the team, it means they want you to be part of the fan club,” Leal said.

And is she part of the mayor's fan club?

“Not now.”

In further proof that everything you need to know about politics you learned in high school, Leal says that when Mayor Gavin Newsom first told her last year she would be out of a job that:

“I leaned forward I told him, 'Does this mean you heard that maybe I can go to (Board of Supervisors President) Aaron Peskin's office and have a drink after work? And maybe you even heard that I've been in meetings and have laughed at a joke that's at your expense? If you've heard that, it's true.' “

Oh, snap. Commissioner Dick Sklar fired back that Leal was cut loose due to poor performance, adding “She might have been a treasurer and supervisor,” Sklar said, “but she's not a water or power person.” The Chronicle cleared its throat and politely pointed out that when Newsom hired Leal in 2004, she had no experience in the field. –Andy Wright

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