Examiner Hasn't Bought Guardian — Yet

Earlier today, the East Bay Express broke the news that the owners of the San Francisco Examiner have bought the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

It turns out that's not quite true — but may be soon.

Tim Redmond, the Guardian's executive editor, tells us that his paper has been looking to sell for a couple of months, and the Ex ownership group “are the only people we are negotiating with now.” But, he says, the trigger has not yet been pulled.

“Our paper has not been sold,” Redmond says. “We are optimistic about a deal. But no deal has closed yet.”

Redmond wouldn't talk money, but a source claimed the Guardian has been on the block for around two months at a price of $1 million.

Meanwhile, reports that the Guardian is “optimistic” about a deal with the Ex came as news to the Ex's president and CEO.

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