Expect Muni-Related Drama at Today's Supes Meeting

The Board of Supervisors today will weigh in on a highly technical matter — but one that affects hundreds of thousands of people, and draws hundreds of enraged commentators at city meetings. Supervisor Sean Elsbernd, for one, is expecting there'll be little technical commentary — but lots of theatrics.

What's at stake is an appeal filed by Muni “activist David Pilpel (and we use that term in its San Francisco connotation) regarding 10 percent service cuts the agency has slated for May 1. Here's the nitty gritty, as short as we can do it: While the supes have no say in whether Muni opts to cut service or not, Pilpel charges the city's planning department violated state law by allowing Muni to declare a fiscal state of emergency and forego a lengthy environmental review prior to approving the service cuts — which will save Muni $28.5 million.

If six supes agree with Pilpel it would stave off those service cuts until after the aforementioned environmental review has been completed — costing Muni millions. Do you think you could find six supervisors to go out on a limb and play to the crowd by denouncing service cuts? Yeah, so do we.

And so does Elsbernd.

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