Facebook Friends Cannot Elect Gavin Newsom — Or Anyone Else

Last week's shakeup in Gavin Newsom's campaign for governor was, in a sense, a triumph of old media over new media. Eric Jaye, Newsom's longtime campaign guru who loved Twitter and Facebook, was out; Garry South, the bare-knuckled political consultant who wanted to shift Newsom to a more traditional TV campaign, was in.

The reality is certainly more nuanced than that, but it seems fair to say that, judging from last week's transactions on Team Newsom, online campaigning in California still isn't ready for prime time. Prime-time TV is still king in Golden State politics.

Bill Hillsman, a Minnesota-based political consultant who worked on Arianna Huffington's unsuccessful campaign for governor in 2003, says despite the popularity of online social networking sites, Facebook friends still can't elect the next governor.

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