Facebook Just Keeps Getting Worse

Over the years, whenever Facebook has made changes, people have inevitably complained —  on Facebook — about the changes Facebook made to Facebook. “I'm leaving Facebook,” those people would declare, on Facebook. Of course, few of them ever actually left Facebook.

Until recently, I have usually found this amusing. I've been working on the Web for a long time, and I know that whenever changes are made, people complain for a day or two, but they always get used to the newly tweaked site and often ultimately decide that it's better after all.

Such has been the case with Facebook. People freaked out a few years ago when real-time status updates were implemented (you no longer had to reload the page to see new stuff). I assume that if this feature were removed today, people would freak out even more over its absence — and they'd be right to do so since the change was an improvement. (Of course, none of this stuff is actually worth freaking out over. All of it comes under the heading of First World Problems.)

So I have a high bar for deciding that a change is actually bad. Facebook has lately been leaping over that bar. First came the Ticker, which after months I'm still unable to totally ignore as it pushes the most mundane of my friends' activities into my face. Ameliorating the problem is possible, but arduous — you have to opt out of it one friend at a time.

That, though, was just a sign of things to come.

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