Facebook, Twitter, Texting Barred from Mayoral Succession Process

Earlier this year, we reported that several members of the Board of Supervisors are Facebooking up a storm during meetings. Eric Mar is even known as “Supervisor Facebook.”

No one seemed to give a damn. The times, they are a-changing, it would seem. Yet a method of getting the supes to stop Facebooking, texting, and otherwise during meetings has finally been devised. It's called “Appointing a New Mayor.”

Per the “Proposed Process For Successor Mayor Nomination And Appointment” the board will take up today, following the nomination process “laptops will be closed, cell phones turned off, and written or verbal messages to Board Members will not be allowed.”

You can read the entire four-page memo, penned by clerk of the board Angela Calvillo with consultation from Santa Clara County Counsel Miguel Marquez, right here: Mayoral process.doc

And the imposition of a virtual cone of silence is just one of several odd elements.

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