Facebook Wants Narcissists to Pay to Make Sure Everyone Sees Their Brilliant Status Updates

Imagine this scene:

Half-filled Starbucks, around 2 p.m. Man in plaid button-down sits at table, reading nytimes.com story about Michele Bachmann denouncing her Swiss citizenship. Man chuckles, then pulls up Facebook window.

Man in plaid button-down: Excuse me.

Facebook: Yeah, waddya want?

Man in plaid button-down: I have a hilarious one-liner about Michele Bachmann denouncing her Swiss citizenship. I really want all my friends to read it. Can you make sure they all see my status?

Facebook: Maybe I can, and maybe I can't.

On screen, box asking for credit card info pops up.  Man in plaid button-down types in numbers.

Facebook: Yeah, I can do that.


This essentially is the new Facebook feature, currently being tested in New Zealand, and it allows you to pay $2 to “Highlight an Important Post: Make sure your friends see this.”

Because the type of person willing to pay for this service is exactly the type of person whose status updates you want to read.

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