Fake News Article Inspires Panic, Tears at Stanford

What reduced Stanford students to “sobbing and conducting anguished conversations with their parents” last week? According to the Palo Alto Daily News it was a fake newspaper story in the college's humor magazine, the Stanford Chapparel. The publication printed its annual fake news edition last Monday. One of the stories claimed the university had reported thousands of students for illegally downloading music and many would have to pay thousands of dollars in fines. A computer science major designed a Web site to accompany the article where students could check to see if their name was on a list of people reported to the RIAA. Chuck Norris was among the names marked for discipline. Thousands of students panicked and at least one graduate student wrote the paper asking if listening to broadcasts of the BBC were grounds for punishment.The Stanford radio station is seriously rethinking its scheduled rebroadcast of the War of the Worlds. -Andy Wright

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