Fake Pot Crime Stats Continue to Gall Police Commissioner, Cannabis Patients

Petra DeJesus isn't angry — she's just frustrated.

The criminal defense attorney and San Francisco Police Commissioner last year publicly remonstrated then-Captain Denise Schmitt of the SFPD's Taraval Station for Schmitt's claims that medical cannabis dispensaries cause crime, ranging from “strong-arm robberies” to “homicides.”

DeJesus asked Schmitt, now an assistant chief, and a rumored favorite to ascend to the top cop position, to corroborate her claims with statistics.

She couldn't do it.

DeJesus then asked Schmitt's then-boss, former police Chief George Gascón, to either back up the stats or back off the issue. Gascón angrily told DeJesus that he'd check into it…and then didn't.

None of this would matter if those fake stats had gone away. But they haven't. They're scheduled to be entered into the record again tonight, as part of a Board of Appeals ruling that a medical cannabis dispensary cannot open up at 31st Avenue and Taraval Street in the Sunset District.

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