Family of Alleged Drug-Dealers Also Accused Murdering a Tourist

A Petaluma family faces murder charges over the beating and killing of Colorado tourist, who prosecutors say owed them $14,000.

A family of alleged marijuana dealers has been charged with the murder of a tourist who owed them $14,000, the San Francisco Examiner reports.

Last Wednesday, police found 31-year-old Andrew Emmett dead outside the Dakota Hotel on Post Street — just a couple blocks from Union Square.  Now, a Petaluma family is accused of beating and strangling Emmett in his hotel room while the mother waited in the lobby with a wheelchair.

Christopher Hardee, 47, Nicole Hardy, 40, and their son Kayleb Hardee, 19, were detained on Thursday and appeared in court on Tuesday to face charges. Prosecutors say Emmett owed the family $14,000 — and police found them with 18 pounds of marijuana when they were detained the next day.

Shortly after Emmett arrived from Colorado, the Hardees drove from Petaluma to meet him. Nicole Hardee allegedly waited in the lobby while her husband and son went to Emmett upstairs, eventually leaving and returning with a wheelchair.

Kayleb Hardee allegedly took the wheelchair up, wheeled Emmett out and left him on the sidewalk before he was pronounced dead at the scene. The family took off with Emmett’s backpack and large duffel bag, which police found along with bloody clothing in the trunk of Kayleb’s car the next day.

The Hardees did not enter a plea but will appear at an arraignment scheduled for Friday.

The brother of the victim, Ryan Emmett, told the San Francisco Examiner that Andrew Emmett had substance abuse problems but had been recently clean. The Hardees knew his brother for four or five years, even having him for Christmas one year.

Emmett was San Francisco’s sixth homicide victim of 2018.

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