Father of American Taliban John Walker Lindh Assails Media

When your son has been called a traitor by the Secretary of State, portrayed as a terrorist by leading military officials, and sentenced to 20 years in federal prison, you might be expected to hold a grudge against the media outlets that reported these developments.

But Frank Lindh, father to famous American Talib (and native son of Marin County) John Walker Lindh, says he has good reason to be sore at the way his son's 2001 capture in Afghanistan and subsequent prosecution in America's civil courts was covered in the press.

In the latest of what has become a series of public talks at the University of San Francisco School of Law, the elder Lindh said today that his son (now serving his prison sentence in Indiana) was victimized by media outlets that blindly accepted the American government's characterization of him as a terrorist working with Al Qaeda.

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