Faux Marijuana Can Give You Strokes, Studies Say

Kids being kids, it appears our nation's youth will get high at all costs — including blowing up their brains.

Synthetic marijuana — the plant clippings hosed down with undetermined chemical concoctions — has been illegal in California since 2011 (though it's still prevalent in suburbia), and is banned, too, in 42 other states.

Yet somehow, “spice” or “K2” is the country's second-most popular drug for teenagers, with 1 in 9 admitting to trying it, according to one study. That's troubling, considering that spice is just as good as bath salts for frying your brain — and even more effective for giving yourself a stroke.

Initial research out of Florida suggests that “spice use” may be a cause of strokes in otherwise-healthy teens and young adults in their 20s, according to the Tampa Bay Times. If ever there were an advertisement for legal drugs, this was it — synthetic weed even makes cigarettes look good.

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