Your Guide to Surviving Trump’s America

Practical advice on how to resist, take action, and create progressive change in the next four to eight years.

As the country prepares for what may be an unprecedented assault on many of the freedoms and protections we cherish, we at SF Weekly feel it’s important not only to make a strong statement opposing the right-wing policies of the new presidential administration, but to give our readers practical advice on what they can do to get through the Trump era in one piece. Here’s what we came up with. Let us know what you think at

First Off, Here’s How to Get Out
If you’ve decided the United States can no longer be your home, you won’t be alone.

A lot of people claimed they’d leave the country if Donald Trump were elected president, back when that seemed like just a far-fetched possibility. Amee Enna is one of those Americans who’s actually following through. … (read more)

But if you’ve chosen to stay and fight, save the link to this handy guide, which contains practical advice on how to resist, take action, and create progressive change in the next four to eight years.

How to Spot Fake News

Studies show a majority of Americans now say they get news via social media, and many of us are easily tricked by misleading ads and clickbait.
After the election, many of us suddenly faced with the harsh reality that fake news may have played a role in Donald Trump’s victory. … (read more)

How to Get Your Elected Officials to Listen 
Here’s why those damn phone calls really matter.

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, chances are you’ve come across one or more calls to action, requesting that you phone your senator or representative or someone you’ve never heard of. If you’re like me, and totally phone-conversation-averse, you may have ignored the ask and sent an email instead, or quietly hidden the post from your newsfeed with a little bit of liberal guilt. Would phone calls really mak… (read more)

How to Protect Yourself From Big Brother
Privacy and anti-surveillance tips for activists, journalists, and other Trump targets.

Data collection and government eavesdropping on innocent American citizens were scary enough when uncovered during Barack Obama’s presidency in 2013. But these tools have become profoundly more terrifying now that they’re at the disposal of Donald Trump. … (read more)

How to Use Your Privilege for Good
Women, people of color, LGBTQ folks, and the poor are on the front lines of Trump’s war on civil liberties. Here’s how straight White men can help.

A lot of us are frustrated. We feel like hate has won the day, even as many of our family members maddeningly celebrate Trump’s election as a victory for the little guy. Many of us will be frustrated into inaction, while others will be inspired to get off our butts and follow some of the action lines written in publications like this one. … (read more)

How State Sen. Scott Wiener Plans to Resist
(Hold Him to His Promises!)

California will be the nucleus of anti-Trump resistance in America. Sen. Scott Wiener talks about how.

Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in California 62-32, or by more than three-and-a-half million votes. (Without us, Trump would have won the popular vote nationwide.) She even flipped famously conservative Orange County, which voted Democratic for the first time since 1936. … (read more)

How to Give Back to the Community
Bay Area organizations need our help more than ever. Here are the ones poised to make the biggest difference.

They come in waves, with subject lines bearing stark warnings and exclamation marks. Yes, our inboxes are under assault from organizations in need of our donations, but deciding which ones to support can quickly become overwhelming. … (read more)

How to Get New IDs If You’re Trans
Advocates are concerned the Trump administration may try to undo measures taken to make changing ID documents easier.

With Trump headed to the Oval Office, many transgender people feel it’s more urgent than ever to change their ID documents, especially federally issued ones. … (read more)

How to PrEP for the Future
Taking advantage of treatments like Truvada, which helps prevent HIV, is good preparation for the uncertain future of healthcare in our country.

Like most cool people of her generation, my mom lost a lot of people in the early ’80s, when HIV/AIDS decimated queer and artistic communities. I think the last person she knew with the virus had since died, so discovering that her daughter was taking medicine associated with something that killed so many of her friends was a shock. She assumed it meant I was sick. … (read more)

How to Pace Yourself While Saving the World
In the lives of activists, ‘self-care’ often gets mistaken for indulgence or selfishness.

A few years ago, Kim Tran — an anti-oppression activist, writer, and teacher — woke up and couldn’t breathe. She soon found herself in the emergency room with a diagnosis of chronic stress. As she recalls, “The doctor asked me what I did for a living. … (read more)

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