Few Taking Up City's Offer of Free Sandbags

The term “selling like hotcakes” is bothersome. Just how well do hotcakes sell? And how many short-order cooks have been driven to violence because of tautological questions regarding the sales acumen of their hotcakes?

In any event, if we're looking for an antonym to “selling like hotcakes,” San Francisco's Department of Public Works may have provided it: “moving like sandbags.”

As it does during every rainy season, the DPW offers San Franciscans up to 10 sandbags, free, to stave off flooding. On Friday, 3,000 bags were sitting at the DPW yard on Cesar Chavez, awaiting good homes. As of yesterday afternoon, there were 2,890 sitting unclaimed. This means as few as 11 San Franciscans have availed themselves of this useful giveaway.

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