Filling the Ranks: Immigrants in the U.S. Military

There are about 750,000 undocumented immigrants of military age living in the U.S. who aren’t being actively recruited by the armed forces. That may change if the stalled immigration bill — or at least a provision of it named the DREAM Act — passes. But between the controversy over the war in Iraq and the battle over immigration, any talk of troop surges, immigrants, and the military can quickly get messy.

So, here’s some more materials about non-citizens serving in the military to help interested readers sort things out:

“Essential to the Fight: Immigrants in the Military, Five Years After 9/11” by Margaret Stock. Stock is an immigration attorney who also teaches at West Point.

“Who Will Serve?” and “Power Point Racism” by Jorge Mariscal

Mariscal is a professor at University of California-San Diego who also works with Project YANO, a counter-recruitment organization. Here’s a link to his blog, and several related articles that he’s written

Last but not least, a podcast of an interview about our SF Weekly cover story with KCBS. — Mary Spicuzza

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