Filmmakers and AntiGraffiti Vigilantes Butt Heads Over Illegal Posters

The Department of Public Works put out a call today asking the public to report sightings of illegally posted movie posters. But these are not just any movie posters — they're posters for Vigilante Vigilante: The Freedom of Expression a documentary about antigraffiti vigilantes which will premiere tonight at Roxie Theater.

“I think it's very ironic,” says director Max Good. “We're being singled out because [the movie] is about the kind of people involved in this very work.”

“No, we're not specifically seeking out anyone. We're just doing our job!” responds Gloria Chan, DPW spokes person. “It's the law, this is part of making San Francisco clean!” DPW reports having to clean up more than 40 posters and stickers in the Mission, and notes that the cleanup will come at the cost of taxpayers.

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