Final Tally of How Much Filth Bay To Breakers Left Behind Is…

It's here! It's here! The dilapidated floats, cast-aside former drink receptacles, and any other manner of crap people deigned to toss in the streets during Bay to Breakers have been weighed. And a grand total of 24 tons of filth has been scoured off the race's path.

Is that a lot of crap? You're damn right it's a lot of crap. But, relatively speaking, it's not as crappy as it has been. In 2008, 35 tons of trash was scoured away by the Department of Public Works. Last year, that total dropped to 13 tons, however — meaning this was a dirty year. 

Complicating matters, however, not one organization hauls away post-Bay to Breakers trash — two do. And the above totals only reflect the Department of Public Works' post-race scouring. The Recreation and Park Department cleans all the crap dropped within the boundaries of Golden Gate Park — meaning the last couple of years may have been filthier than the numbers disseminated by the press indicated.

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