Finally, a Singles Event for the Medical Marijuana Crowd

We're not sure if the organizers of 420 Rock & Roll Extravaganza were stoned when they sent out a press release with the wrong date attached, but fortunately, the other details seem lucid.

Sponsored by — the only dating site where you can bat eyes at 35,000 other lonely  tokers — this “magical night of food, music, and fun” will cater to medical marijuana users from throughout the Bay Area. 

The goal, according to site founder Ryan Moxen, is to get users off their couches and away from their bongs for a night, so that they can have enlightening conversations (hopefully about something other than Phish), and maybe even swap pick-up lines (hopefully not of the “So… do you like, you know, stuff?” variety).

[jump] To that end, he and  co-sponsor Mike Clemmons, who invented the Zenpen Personal Micro-Vaporizer, have booked a full evening at the Seahorse Supper Club in Sausilito, with music by the Marinfidels, who are, yes, a jam band specializing in music from several decades ago.

This all-ages event happens November 14 and only costs $12, little more than the price of a dime sack. And who knows? Moxen asks. “You might fall in love.”

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