Firefighters Now Equipped with Animal Oxygen Kits

SPCA donated snout-shaped masks to the San Francisco Fire Department.

As the North Bay knows too well, smoke inhalation wreaks havoc on our respiratory system and, fortunately, firefighters come ready with oxygen tanks.

Animals, though, need ones that fit their non-flat human faces to recover. That’s where the pet oxygen mask initiative Wag’N 02 Fur Life comes in.

A board member of the San Francisco SPCA, Susan Atherton, on Wednesday donated 70 of such snout-shaped oxygen masks to the San Francisco Fire Department. Firefighters now have oxygen masks that fit animals of all sizes on all of the department’s ambulance and paramedic units.

“Dogs, cats, and other animals are just as susceptible to smoke inhalation, as are their owners and family members,” says Andy Zanoff, Emergency Medical Services assistant deputy chief. “By partnering with the SPCA and the Wag’N O2 program, we hope to expand our treatment application, not just to human patients, but also to their pets.”

Sadly, another fire is inevitable, but San Francisco firefighters have that much more equipment to take care of our furry friends.

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