Fix Muni Now Prop. G Will Lead to Fewer Pee Breaks, Driver's Union Claims

The charter amendment backed by San Francisco Supervisor Sean Elsbernd to end the guarantee that Muni drivers earn the second-highest wages

in the nation could have some pretty far-reaching repercussions.

For one, said Irwin Lum, president of Transportation Workers Union Local 250-A,

Expect to see more warnings like this.

drivers may end up with bladder problems.

“As things are now, on the line ending at 48th and Judah, you have one and a half hours without going to the restroom,” said Lum, during a two-hour interview over iced tea Tuesday. “We struggle to even take a break. There's no time to eat lunch. There's no such thing as break time. If the city and management can negotiate to make conditions worse, it will be a safety issue. It's a hazard. You'll see people speeding.”

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