Former Giants Manager Dusty Baker Defends Alleged Domestic Abuser and Sounds Like an Idiot

Any Bay Area sports fans nostalgic for the days when Dusty Baker managed the San Francisco Giants may have barfed in their mouths a little today when Baker defended Cincinnati Reds relief pitcher (and alleged domestic abuser) Aroldis Chapman. 

“I don’t believe reports,” Baker said when asked about Chapman during a press conference this morning at Major League Baseball's Winter Meetings in Nashville, Tenn.

[jump] The “reports” that Baker is referring to is a police report obtained by Yahoo! Sports regarding an Oct. 31 incident in which more than a dozen officers were dispatched to Chapman's Florida home because of “a reported domestic disturbance where an unknown-type firearm had been discharged.”

Chapman's girlfriend met officers and told them that Chapman had choked her and pushed her against a wall before firing his shotgun eight times into the garage walls.

(Baker managed the Reds from 2007 through 2013. Chapman joined the Reds in 2010.)

When asked about the allegations against Chapman today, Baker admitted he hadn't read the report, but kept on talking anyway.

“I mean, who’s to say the allegations are true, number one,” Baker said, “and who’s to say what you would have done or what caused the problem.”

When asked about Major League Baseball's domestic abuse policy, Baker said, “I think this policy needs to go further than the player.”

Continuing to dig himself deeper, he added, “I think the policy should go to whoever’s involved. Sometimes abusers don’t always have pants on,” meaning that, in his estimation, women sometimes abuse men (and women also only wear skirts or dresses, apparently).

On Monday, Chapman was reportedly traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers, but the deal appears to be on hold after the surfacing of these domestic abuse allegations.

Baker played for the Giants in 1984, and managed the team from 1993 until 2003, taking them to the World Series in 2002. He was hired to manage the Washington Nationals in November.

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