Former S.F. Mayor Frank Jordan Blasts Plan To Extend Parking Meter Hours

Back in the mid-1990s, then-San Francisco Mayor Frank Jordan proposed raising prices and enforcement hours on some downtown meters to increase turnover and make finding a spot less of an epic quest. He was met with a torrent of angry feedback from businesses, neighborhood groups, and the general public and backed off.

But if you're expecting Jordan to embrace the Municipal Transportation Agency's current proposal to extend meter hours into the evenings and on Sundays — you thought wrong. Jordan unloaded on the plan with both barrels noting, “I'm personally surprised the public doesn't revolt over something like this.”

Jordan, mayor from 1992 to '96, fought plenty of pitched battles with the MTA regarding what he saw as coddled union employees bleeding funds from the city. Rather than pull what he refers to as a clandestine tax on the general public via extended meter hours, Jordan says MTA should cut millions of dollars of fat out of its budget by ceasing wasteful labor practices.

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