Former S.F. Police Chief Frank Jordan Doesn't Buy Johannes Mehserle's Story

Former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle may manage to convince several members of the jury of his peers that he really meant to Tase Oscar Grant when he instead shot him dead on Jan. 1. But, with the defense today resting in Mehserle's high-profile trial, the youthful cop hasn't managed to convince several high-ranking members of his own profession contacted by SF Weekly.

“My personal opinion is, [Mehserle's story] is pretty hard to believe,” said former San Francisco police chief and mayor Frank Jordan. “I don't see myself ever pulling out a handgun when I wanted to use a Taser. The handgun is absolute last resort. The Taser is supposed to minimize the situation so you don't kill somebody. It's an interesting alibi and I'm not sure it's one I buy into.”

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