Fox News’ S.F. Cocaine Claims are Drawing Snorts

Platinum blonde pundit Tomi Lahren goes off the rails and declares that San Franciscans are “snorting cocaine off the street.”

Fox News senior plastic surgery correspondent Tomi Lahren popped into San Francisco early this week, and her brief blow into town has created an internet buzz. Lahren claimed on Twitter Sunday night that she saw a man “snorting cocaine off the street” upon her arrival here, which doesn’t really line up with reality.

SF Weekly has embedded the tweet above, so you can behold the bounty of its ignorance without having to click upon or engage with this woman’s account. “First time in San Fran- see a man snorting cocaine off the street,” the cookie-cutter blonde Cyclon claims. “So sad this beautiful place has become such a cesspool. Thanks for nothing, Liberals!”

Where do we even begin to unpack the sheer unlikelihood of that any of this happened? We do know from Lahren’s Instagram feed that she was in San Francisco. But let’s begin with the damn-near physical impossibility of snorting cocaine off a gravelly and uneven street. This is as ineffective a method of doing blow as one could imagine, and even the most jonesing fiend could easily find a flat surface if they wanted to do lines in public.  

We also have fallacious logical tension between her claims of “First time in San Fran,” and “this beautiful place has become such a cesspool.” If it is her first time here, how could she know that it allegedly less beautiful?

Lahren’s tactic here seems to be to throw as many wingnut biases against San Francisco into one tweet, and assume the Hannity audience for whom she was in town to record a segment will simply believe all of it. Considering that Politifact rates 37 percent of Hannity’s claims as False or Pants on Fire, that’s just how these people’s brains are wired.

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