Free Muni: Scott Wiener Was Against It Before He Voted for It — and He's Still Against It

The plan to provide low-income kids with free Muni rides was dealt a possible death blow yesterday, when the regional Metropolitan Transportation Commission declined to put up the necessary millions.

Commissioners hailing from out of town were not enthused with the idea of ponying up $4 million to benefit solely San Francisco youths; the proposal failed by an 8-7 vote. One of those seven ayes, however, came from Scott Wiener, one of San Francisco's two representatives. Wiener, who is also a city supervisor, has been an avowed opponent of burdening Muni with more passengers while stripping it of their fare money. He even editorialized about the follies of making Muni free for kids in the Chronicle.

So while proponents of making Muni free may have lost the day, at least they gained a Wiener. When did Scott come around?

“I didn't,” he says. “I don't support it.”

Say what?

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