Fun With Mass Transit: Muni Emergency Alert Issued, Free Ride Idea Axed

Oh Muni, Muni, Muni, will you ever stop being unintentionally hilarious and frightening in equal measures?

Two items on the agenda today, the first is this great Muni alert issued yesterday and picked up by SFist: “Emergency – Powell line cable cars back in service.” I tend to associate the word 'emergency' with, you know, imminent danger, peril, and the like. But then again, if the restored Powell cable cars are anything like that N Judah from last week (the one involved in a gruesome, ghastly, grisly, bloody death) maybe 'emergency' is the right word after all.

Then there's the crashing and burning of Mayor Newsom's bright idea to eliminate fares on Muni in hopes of luring more people onto mass transit and reducing pollution and traffic. Not a bad idea, until reality struck: the Chronicle reports today that consultants have axed the free ride idea as financially unfeasible, saying it would also worsen bottlenecks and delays, as if it's possible for Muni to run less on time than it does already. Those crazy consultants, always making jokes!

“… without significant improvements made to the system's infrastructure in order to increase reliability, fare elimination alone may actually make public transit a less viable alternative to other modes of travel.”

Photo courtesy/Anna L Conti on Flickr

— Brian Bernbaum

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