Gaggle of Emotional Service Geese Refused Entry on Muni

The geese's owner had her feathers ruffled by the SFMTA's treatment of her service animals.

Gertie Ganderson, 62, took her 16 Canadian geese on a tour of Coit Tower Friday afternoon. Together, they perused the colorful murals that line the interior walls and climbed the winding staircase for the views (and excellent flying bug collection) at the top. But upon leaving the popular tourist attraction and attempting to make her way home, Ganderson encountered a problem: The driver of the 39-Coit bus refused her and her geese entry, despite the fact that each goose is individually registered as an emotional service animal. 

After walking the 22 blocks home, Ganderson contacted SF Weekly, citing discrimination on the part of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. “I take Ryan Gosling, AlexGander Graham Bell, Colin Fowl, Crowy Deschanel, Julia Louis-Flyfus, Osprey Winfrey, Penguinona Ryder, Reese Witherspoonbill, Buzzard Aldrin, Arianna Puffington, Dame Judi Finch, Feathers Locklear, Finchton Churchill, Flamingo Starr, Flight Schrute and Goose Springsteen everywhere with me,” Ganderson told us. “I even have the paperwork on me from my naturopath-astrologer, Dr. Marlena Quack. I’m deeply offended by the bus driver’s stance on this situation.” 

According to SFMTA’s animal policy, “service animals must ride on their owner’s lap, under their owner’s seat, or as far out of the aisle as possible. Animals may not occupy a seat.” With Ganderson’s petite stature and overloaded handbag, it was doubtful that’d she’d be able to cram all 16 of her fowl underneath one bench. 

When asked for comment, Julia Louis-Flyfus hissed loudly and pecked at some nits in Reese Witherspoonbill’s pinfeathers.

When we tracked down Duane Bryant, the 39-Coit bus driver who denied Ganderson entry, he had one line for us as he got off his bus for an afternoon coffee break. “Information gladly given, but ain’t nobody got time for this bird-brained activity,” he said. 

Ganderson told us she is considering pursuing legal action against the SFMTA.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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