Gavin Newsom, SF Supes Blast Feds' War on Medical Marijuana

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom shared a Los Angeles stage on Thursday with GOP presidential candidate Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico who wants to end marijuana prohibition and free all nonviolent marijuana offenders from jail.

While it's unlikely Newsom would sacrifice his political future for such an idea, the former San Francisco mayor was in good company as he offered up some strong words against the federal government's crackdown on California's 15-year-old medical marijuana laws at the Drug Policy Alliance's Drug Reform Conference.

But Newsom can provide more than a soundbite — as a private California citizen, he has reason to join in the lawsuit Americans for Safe Access filed against the feds last week. Newsom can, as can Gov. Jerry Brown and every government entity from Sacramento down to San Francisco, which also put itself on record as opposing the federal crackdown this week.

So will they put their lawyers where their mouths are? Don't hold your breath.

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