Gavin Newsom's Happy Hour

Giving Gavin Newsom a TV show is a bit like putting Lorena Bobbit in charge of a knife store.

Placing the politician who saw fit to subject San Francisco to a 7.5-hour State of the City speech back in front of a camera seems a bit like a cruel trick to play on the rest of us. Current TV, however, did just that. Back when Newsom was engaging in his marathon speechifying, SF Weekly's Benjamin Wachs devised the Gavin Newsom Drinking Game: If he says he's “proud” of something, or “I get it,” take a shot. It's what I do. Anyone who thinks I can keep watching Gavin Newsom-isodes without drinking heavily understands neither politics nor journalism.

Now, however, the good folks at Current have devised something of a new drinking game. Newsom and former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, host of The War Room, will be co-hosting a “happy hour” for select members of the media on Thursday. There may be no fighting in the war room, but there is drinking. Journalists have been invited to watch the show, then “come thirsty” for beer and wine with Newsom and Granholm.

Sending an invitation to journalists asking them to “come thirsty” for free booze is a mistake unlikely to be repeated. What may not be a mistake — but is certainly awkward — is attending a happy hour hosted by Newsom, a man with some very public and very unpleasant alcohol-fueled problems.

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