Gavin Newsom's Home Is Plenty Big, Realtors Say

Russell Lee, WPA photographer, 1939
Now that's a tiny house…

​Former Mayor Gavin Newsom's claim that a four-bedroom, $2.7 million Ashbury Heights home is too petite for a family of four induced bouts of hilarity among San Francisco's real estate professionals.

“Oh, I think we all giggled when we saw the pretense behind it,” Realtor Luba Muzichenko says. “This is a little ostentatious. When he was running for mayor he was trying to pretend he was very down-to-earth.”

Well, Newsom can still boast that he uses the cheapest hair gel there is.

“I can tell you that I'm raising a family of four — and my kids are a lot further along than his — in a 2,600-square-foot condo in NOPA. And it's awesome,” Realtor Mollie Poe says. “San Francisco is a wonderful place to raise kids, and there are a lot of kids in that neighborhood he's moving out of. Who can't raise a family of four in a house that size?”


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